Angot Medhi


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Medhi joined the Royal New Zealand Ballet in September last year. Born and raised in France, he trained at the prestigious Paris Opera Ballet School and more recently has been a member of English National Ballet. In 2004 he won 4th place in the International Ballet Competition, Varna. Medhi's first lead role was the Blue Bird in Kenneth MacMillan’s Sleeping Beauty for the English National Ballet.

Career highlights include performing Basilio in Gary Harris' Don Quixote in 2008.

Most recently he was praised for his dancing as Basilio and Cupid in Don Quixote. Reviews said he made “a neat and nimble Cupid” and “strikes just the right note as an impish butter-wouldn’t-melt Cupid”, while in Theatreview, Lyne Pringle says he “nonchalantly arrives, the light glinting seductively off his bronzed skin as he dances beautifully”.

His performance in the Christopher Hampson’s Silhouette – part of the triple bill From Here to There – was noted for its “lightning batterie”.

In his spare time Medhi likes going to the movies, listening to music and watching ballet DVDs.

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