Bushuyeva Mariya

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Contemporary dance / Dancer

Mariya Bushuyeva was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She began her dance training at the Kharkiv Ballet School in her hometown and ended it at the Ballet School of the Hamburg Ballet in 2005. There, she danced in John Neumeier\\\'s choreography to \\\"Yondering\\\", \\\"Le Sacre du Printemps\\\" and \\\"Petrushka Variations,\\\" \\\"Illusions - like Swan Lake,\\\" \\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\", \\\"Romeo and Juliet\\\" and \\\"La Bayadere\\\" and in \\\" La Traviata. \\\"
Since August 2005, Mariya Bushuyeva is at the Municipal Theater Chemnitz committed under the direction of Lude Devos.
Mariya is Bushuyeva ballettmainz decreased since the 2009/10 season, an ensemble member.

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