Choquet Marie Adeline


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Born in Montpellier, she’s initiated into dance in Tehran. In 1993 she
joins the Conservatory in Montpellier, where she studies the Fedenkrais
method with Claude Espinassier, as well as taking piano and choral
singing lessons. In 2000 she leaves for Belgium to join the Projet
Passerelles and works with various choreographers: Lieve Mertens,
Xavier Poiré, Matéo Molés. Concurrently she studies the Alexander
method with Claire Destrée. Marie continues her training through a
number of workshops where she meets Jackie Taffanel, Mic Guillaume, Dimitri Tsiapkinis,
Jacques Patarozzi, Ana Sanchez, José Biondi … At the Choreographic Centre of Orleans,
directed by Joseph Nadj, she participates in projects, collaborates with Oppio Kiota and
works on the approach of the Body Mind Centuring method. In 2004, Marie obtains her A.A.
with honors in Musicology and the following year her Professional Bachelors degree in
Vocals and Choral singing.

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