Zannettino Marica


Contemporary dance / Dancer

He obtained the diplomas of the 8 th year and advanced courses for teachers at the National Academy of Dance in Rome, graduating in 2007 with a Master\'s degree address choreography.
For the technique of ballet has followed particular courses Prebil Z., M. Traianova, R. Ciuca also approached a number of techniques for studying American and European contemporary dance with B. Libonati, C. Coldy, I. Azpillaga, S. Hayman, T. Stoffer, E. Piperno.

He has worked over time with numerous dance companies including Italian, Raffaele Paganini National Company, CMP Pogliani Michael, Adriana Almatanz Boriello, Dancing the life of Elsa Piperno on tour in Italy and abroad (Venice Biennale, Festival RomaEuropa , Festival Internationale Montpellier Danse, TanzFest Berlin, World Music Forum Los Angeles).

In 2009 she worked as assistant choreographer with James Godani for \"the Company\" of the National Academy of Dance.

Excursus worked with the company in 1999 and 2006.

Dance Company in productions of Excursus
The dream factory
Three red flowers
& Anxi Extasis
Metropolitan Triptych

Choreographic creations
The interest in creating choreography has triggered a search path in which deconstruct a vast store of technical language and experience to identify a concept of artistic movement that finds its reason in his personal physicality and corporeality.

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