Colusi Maria Marta


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Maria Marta Colusi was born in 1970 in Buenos Aires. She studied dance at the dance school of Teatro San Martin. She was a member of the Contemporary Ballet Teatro San Martin and worked with Roxana Grinstein, Ana Maria Stekelman (Compania Tangokinesis) and Oscar Araiz. She has performed at festivals in Brazil, Argentina, Europe and North America. In the United States she studied contemporary dance and composition in the American Dance Festival. In January 2001, she gained a scholarship with the Fondation Antorchas in France. Her first piece »Doigt couleur Carmin« was premiered in Buenos Aires in 2001. In Berlin, she studied with David Moss at the Institute of Living Voice. Maria Marta Colusi has been working with Sasha Waltz & Guests since 2002 dancing in such pieces as »insideout«, »Impromptus«, »Gezeiten«, »Dido & Aeneas«, »Medea«, »Travelogue – Twenty to eight«, »Jagden und Formen«, »Continu« and »Métamorphoses« and she participates in various »Dialoge«-projects by Sasha Waltz.

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