Miyazaki Maori

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Classical Ballet / Dancer

After the ballet school Inoue, Inoue joined Ballet. In 1999, Canada\'s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School in 2000, the United States to study Ballet Memphis. 01 years and 03 years training at the Royal Danish Ballet as a trainee dispatched Inoue Ballet.
Inoue Ballet in Concert, \"The Nutcracker\" Waltz of the Flowers of the Chinese dance \"Sleeping Beauty,\" the princess was attracted to Blue Bird, cat, dance jewelry, \"Giselle\" in Padstow Troyes, \"Swan Lake\" Padotorowa of four swans, \"La Sylphide\" Effie\'s \"Faust Divertimento\" is like dancing principal.
Young Ballet Ballet Association Festival in Japan, \"Paquita\" soloists, \"Graduation Ball,\" Sharon\'s operation, Japan Ballet Association performance \"Swan Lake\" danced like the four swans.
In December 2007 concert, \"The Nutcracker\" because of the candy in his debut leading role, in concert in July 2008 \"Conservatoire\" As we premiere the principal Loon Victory, \"Variashion\" Bosaru others, and danced the leading roles .

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