Nowacka Malgorzata


Contemporary dance / Artistic Director

Uncompromising and unconventional, she is one of Canada\\\'s most exciting and original choreographers. Nowacka founded The Chimera Project in 1999 and the company burst onto the dance scene with hyper-physical creations. Searching for a kinetic language that conveys emotional intensity, Nowacka\\\'s movement creations are rooted in explorations of movement that draw on techniques of ballet, urban dance, contact improvisation and martial arts but most of all on exploration and improvisation.
In 2009 Mrs. Nowacka has been featured as one of 6 top Canadian contemporary choreographers in FASHION magazine. She has created over 15 critically acclaimed works, and her choreography has been acclaimed as one of Top 10 performances of the year in The Globe and Mail (2001, 2003, 2006, 2008), in NOW magazine (2006), Toronto Star (2008), and best of International Dance Festival (Toronto, 2005).

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