Schaufuss Luke


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Luke Schaufuss is educated from The Royal Danish Balletschool and the Peter Schaufuss Balletschool. As a child Luke danced the part of Prince Willian in DIANA THE PRINCESS and in CHARLES THE PRINCE, the boy in H.C. ANDERSEN and childhood in MICHALE I’M BAD, he has participated in LANQUEGE OF LOVE, KERMESS IN BRUGES “THE TRHEE PRESENTS”, HARALD, SHE LOVES YOU AND SATISFACTION. Luke has participated in The West End Productions SATISFACTION and DIVAS.
At the age of only 16 years Luke Schaufuss now gets his debut in the title role, TOMMY “The Dancical” Luke Schaufuss is third generation in a growing Schaufuss dynasty.
This is Luke Schaufuss’ first season with the Peter Schaufuss Ballet.

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