Sancho Luisa Escanero


Contemporary dance / Dancer

Luisa Escanero Sancho was born in Zaragoza (Spain) and studied there with María de Ávila. Her first engagement was at the Northern Ballet Theatre in England under the direction of Christopher Gable.
It was followed by engagements at the Zurich Ballet under the direction of Heinz Spoerli, the Ballet Biarritz (Thierry Malandain), the Compa—ía Metros (Ramon Oller), at the Berlin Comic Opera, Pretty Ugly Dance Cologne (under the direction of Amanda Miller), Ballet Voorintholt Madrid and Madrid Dance Project and Pascal Touzeau Introdans with directors Tom Wiggers and Roel.
In addition to these engagements, she was a freelancer with the Influxtanzkompanie Bern, the SYBA (system Ballet Aragon, Spain) and the Project Babel, Germany.
She danced as a demi-soloist at Deutsche Oper Ballet in Berlin and as a soloist at the Cologne Opera in several productions.
Opera at the Edinburgh Festival 2007 she premiered her own choreography was \"Capriccio.\"
She also worked in Brussels at the performance installation \"Human Writes\" by William Forsythe and the Cirque du Soleil 2008 in Cologne.
Luisa is Sancho Escanero ballettmainz decreased since the 2009/10 season, an ensemble member.

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