Gunnarsdóttir Lovísa Ósk


Contemporary dance / Dancer

Dancer with Iceland Dance Company since 2002

Nationality: Icelandic

Education: JSB School of Dance. The Ballet academy in Stockholm.

Experience: After graduating in 2002 Lovísa has been a regular feature with the Iceland Dance Company, both performing in local performances and touring. She has performed in works by Rui Horta, Peter Anderson, André Gingras, Roberto Oliván and many more.

Lovísa is also a regular feature of the Reykjavik Dance festival where she has performed as a dancer as well as showing her own pieces. Apart from dancing, Lovísa has also done some acting, e.g. starred in a television sitcom produced by the Icelandic National Television and has performed in musicals. Lovísa is a guest-teacher with the JSB School of dance and holds dance-workshops all over the country.

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