Aung Liane


Classical Ballet / Dancer

is from La Habra, California and graduated from the University of California, Irvine receiving a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Performance. On behalf of her class of 2008, Liane was awarded Excellence in Performance & also achieved a minor in Digital Arts. While attending UCI, Liane was a proud member of Donald McKayle’s Etude Ensemble and was able to perform and learn Donald’s legendary repertory such as;Angelitos Negros, To Artina, I’ve known Rivers, Personal, Songs of the Disinherited, Rainbow ‘round my Shoulder& much more. She has also had the privilege of working closely with artists and choreographers including; Jodie Gates, Renee Harris, Carlos Jones, Dave Massey, Gerri Houlighan, Georg Reishl, Summer Lee Rhatigan, Alex Ketley and Glenn Edgerton now the Artistic director of Hubbard Street Dance in Chicago. Liane has also trained at the San Francisco Conservatory & the Alvin Ailey School summer intensive that have continued to enrich her artistry as a dancer. Liane joined Backhaus in October 2008.

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