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Classical Ballet / Dancer

Lea Fulton is obsessed with stories and the re-telling of them through visual and physical media. She finds NYC a stellar place to collect these stories, as well as other things, like too many old dresses and dusty books. Some of her storytelling adventures have included a collaboration with Ryan Ross that culminated in a piece of movable theater, performed at the Philly Fringe Festival 2008, and a dancefilm collaboration with dancer Stephanie Miracle and filmmaker Greg King that was honored in the Dance on Camera Film Festival 2010. Being consistently drawn to the medium of film, Lea has choreographed music videos for electronic music artist, Nadia Ali and indie-rock group, Apollo Run in addition to performing in Animal Collective\'s video for \"Summertime Clothes\". Lea has had the good fortune of creating dance with Heather McArdle, Faye Driscoll, Christine Suarez, Kate Watson-Wallace and Laura Peterson. In addition to being thrilled to work on her first project with Alexandra Beller, she\'s currently working on projects with Janessa Clark and Elisabeth Motley. She holds a B.A in Interdisciplinary Studies from Wheaton College. She is interested in the healing properties of movement in general and to this end, after being certified to teach yoga in 2009 and studying Thai Massage with master teacher Pichest Boonthume in Thailand, began to use these platforms to bring the possibility of healing to people that aren\'t usually exposed to such modalities. She currently teaches yoga for the non-profit organization, Restore NYC and also to Muy Thai fighters at the boxing gym, Chok Sabai in Manhattan.

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