Keil Laura


Contemporary dance / Dancer

graduated the dance academy balance 1 in Berlin. She performed her solo \\\\\\\"no way today\\\\\\\" in May 2008 in the Ada Studios in Berlin in the \\\\\\\"Students on Stage\\\\\\\" programme and in January 2009 at the Berlin Tanztage in the \\\\\\\"Young Choreographers\\\\\\\" programme. She danced for \\\\\\\"02L / the special player (fusion)\\\\\\\", for the dance series \\\\\\\"ALLdanSeS\\\\\\\", at the \\\\\\\"100 Grad\\\\\\\" Festival in \\\\\\\"NaturSubsTanzen\\\\\\\" by Lara Russo and for Rosi Berlin in \\\\\\\"Plem\\\\\\\" by Alina Grell.

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  • Dance Company of the Gerhart Hauptmann-Theatre Görlitz-Zittau
  • Görlitz Tanztheater