Shimada Kinuko


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Inoue Ballet School in 1989 after graduating from the Institute of ballet yet.
Training in April 1996 the Royal Swedish Ballet
training at the Royal Danish Ballet in January 2001
as a principal Inoue Ballet \"Coppelia,\" \"Cinderella,\" \"Giselle,\" \"Sleeping Beauty,\" \"La Sylphide\" \" The Nutcracker, \"\" Romeo and Juliet, \"\" Swan Lake \"\" Conservatoire, \"\" Grand Espanyol \"the protagonist of Patrick Armand, Jamin Van Pesch (Paris Opera), Antoine Alexander Vittorio boiling pitch (National Ballet of Canada), Yohankobo (Royal Ballet), Tiagosoaresu (Royal Ballet), Emmanuel Thibault (Paris Opera) and dance partner.
Inoue Ballet, as well as leading roles while dancing and performances in Japan Ballet Association, Longjiang Sata, Kota Yamazaki, Haruka Ueda, Toru Shimazaki, they appeared to work. Contemporary dance has attracted attention both as a classical dancer.
In 2006 (Inc.), Japan Ballet Association performance \"Swan Lake\" in Odette, Odile, in 2008 (Inc.), Japan Ballet Association concert, \"The Nutcracker\" danced the last name of the candy. In 2002, Japan appeared Ballet Festival in 2005.
\"Dream of Young Dancers \'10th concert,\" Dream of Dancers\' first public performance, the 5th concert, appeared on the 6th concert.
On Stage sponsored newspaper, \"Rookie 2000 Best One.\"
12th, 2002 Foundation for Art Encouragement Prize Matsuyama Ballet
training at the Royal Danish Ballet in 2004 as a trainee abroad for Cultural Affairs.
Assistant Award in 2004 this sharp Nakagawa 10th
March 2006 Award Chieko Hattori
April 2009

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