Kojiri Kenta

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Classical Ballet / Dancer / Dancer

Kenta Kojiri started dancing in Japan at the age of three, and began his professional career after receiving the Apprentice Scholarship at the Prix de Lausanne in 1999. This achievement also included an invitation to join Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo. Because of his interest in the Kylián style, he joined Nederlands Dans Theater 2 in 2003 and Nederlands Dans Theater 1 in 2006. His last season at NDT also marked Jiří Kylián`s last as resident choreographer, during which Kenta danced in Kylián`s final creation for NDT, “Mémoires d’Oubliettes”. Currently, Kenta is working as a freelance dancer and choreographer (his new piece will be performing in February 2011 by Niigata City Residence Dance Company \\\"Noism2\\\" /Artistic director; Jo Kanamori) on the international stage, and continues to share his knowledge with the artists of Japan.

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