Aalto Kati

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Classical Ballet / Dancer

Kati Aalto was born in Salo. She began her dance studies with Maija-Leena Jurkowski and studied various forms of dance under Liisa Nojonen from 1979. Her studies have been supplimented with courses with the Linda Martha Company/ Chicago, Dance Center of Columbia College 1990-1991 and London Pineapple and Dance Works studios. Kati has been part of the Liisa Nojonen dance group since it was founded and is Liisa Nojonen`s assistant and choreography rehearsal teacher in both the Liisa Nojonen Dance School and PDC Pori Dance Company. Kati has performed with the Dance Company in America, Germany, Sweden, Estonia and South Korea amongst other places. She has danced several leading roles in both classical and modern works and has danced in the works of many Finnish and international well known leading choreographers such as Jorma Uotinen, Tero Saarinen, Marjo Kuusela, Liisa Risu, Markku Nenonen, Tommi Kitti, Frank Chaves, Claud Paul Henry and Pattie Obey. Kati has performed many times with PDC in collaboration with the following: Pori Theatre, Pori Opera, Pori Symphony and Rakastajat Theatre. She has also performed in TV productions, and has won the European jazzdance competition with the dance group in 1990, and danced in the group when Liisa Nojonen won first place and the golden jazz shoe in the choreography competition in Chicago 1992. Kati has also begun to choreograph small works for the special training classes.

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