Sekiguchi Junko


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Kubo studied ballet at the Ballet Academy since the age of 3, Eiji Kubo, studying the paper.

Osaka University of Arts Dance Department study program in April 2003. Ballet S. Yokoi, Mitsuru Horiuchi, Shigeru Taeko gold, forest edges, Norihiko Mochizuki, Yasuko 芦塚, Kiyoko Kato, ballet, dance study with young Japanese mountain village. Osaka University of Arts in dance performance, \"Les Sylphides,\" \"Paquita,\" \"Rabayaderu\" work Kiyoko Kato, \"The wind was fluttering like a collection,\" Charge Horiuchi work \"Violin Concerto\", Mochizuki, Norihiko work \"Earth Tribe? \"And many more leading role in the work arena. Osaka University of Arts The 12th regular concert, \"A Midsummer Night\'s Dream,\" a solo dance choreographed by charging Horiuchi.

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