Vandervelde John


Classical Ballet / Artist

Mr. Vandervelde’s initial career pursuit was in the field of mechanical engineering. Upon graduation from the University of Alberta in 1978, he joined one of western Canada’s largest private engineering consulting firms. As a recreational pastime, John began taking dance classes. In 1983, Mr. Lambros Lambrou, resident choreographer of the Alberta Ballet Company, invited John to join his professional ballet training program. Leaving his engineering profession in 1984, John began a year’s training at the Banff School of Fine Arts and the Alberta Ballet School. In 1985, he received a contract with the Spokane Ballet Company and in 1987 took part in the International Exposition in Vancouver, Canada, dancing at the Pavilion of Promise. John joined Ballet Magnificat! in 1987 and is a member of the tour company. He is also the Company Minister and Personnel Director. John and his wife Karin are blessed with six sons, Lindsay, Jayce, Josiah, Jacob, Judah, and Joseph, and daughter Kirsten. In 2000 and 2001, Kirsten danced and performed in Europe with the dance ministry Honey From The Rock. In February 2003, she completed the Discipleship Training School program of Youth With A Mission and continues to train and perform in their outreach ministry. John’s wife Karin teaches Discipleship classes in the Trainee program. It is a family custom for John to take one of his children on tour, with the youngest, Joseph, having a role in one ballet.

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