Neumeier John


Classical Ballet / Choreographer

John Neumeier took lessons in dance in his hometown of Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA), the city where he made his first choreographies. Then he went to study dance in Copenhagen and then at the Royal Ballet School in London. In 1963 he went dancing with the Stuttgart Ballet, where he became the first soloist.

Frankfurt and Hamburg

From 1969 Neumeier led the ballet company of the city of Frankfurt. Since 1973, he headed the Hamburg Ballet. Under his leadership, this company into one of the largest in Germany and went wide international recognition.

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  • Dutch National Ballet
  • National Youth Ballet
  • The Hamburg Ballet
  • Stuttgart Ballet


  • Don Juan
    by John Neumeier 1972
  • Getting Closer
    by John Neumeier 1999
  • Hamlet Connotations
    by John Neumeier 1976
  • Lady of the Camellias
    by John Neumeier 1978
  • Le Baiser de la Fee
    by John Neumeier 1972
  • Lento
    by John Neumeier 1999
  • Spring and Fall
    by John Neumeier 1994
  • The Fourth Symphony
    by John Neumeier 1977
  • The Seagull
    by J. Neumeier 2002