Hwang Johanna

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Classical Ballet / Dancer

Johanna Hwang was born in Seoul (South Korea) in 1980. She trained at the Heinz-Bosl-Stiftung (Ballett-Academy) in Munich (Germany). In the year 2000, she joined the State Opera Ballet Unter den Linden in Berlin and, from 2004, she performed as demi-soloist at the Staatsballett Berlin under the direction of Vladimir Malakhov. She has performed in ballets by R. Nurejev, P Bart, V. Malakhov, J. Kylian, M Béjart, R. Barra, G. Balanchine, J. Cranko, W. Forsythe, M. Petipa, J. Robbins, P. Lacotte, U. Scholz und participated in works by A. Preljocaj and C. Spuck. She joined Aterballetto in August 2009.

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