Bonfil Jenn Bassage


Classical Ballet / Dancer

originally from Washington State, has been a member of Backhausdance since its inception in January of 2003. She earned her BFA in Dance Performance from Chapman University, and her comprehensive pilates certification from Body Arts and Science International. She was the recipient of a talent-based scholarship to study at the University of Michigan, as well as the Greta Weatherill Merit Award. In addition, she has received several performance based awards, including a Lester Horton nomination for her ensemble work with Backhausdance. Jenn has trained with Cyrus Parker-Jeannette, Sean Greene, Kristen Olson-Potts, Marnell Himes, and Dale Merrill. She has been on faculty at Chapman University and California State University, Long Beach. Currently, Jenn teaches ballet and modern at The Wooden Floor, previously known as Saint Joseph Ballet. In addition to her teaching responsibilities at The Wooden Floor, she serves as assistant production manager and rehearsal assistant to internationally recognized choreographers.

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