Couture Jean Sébastien


Classical Ballet / Soloist / Soloist

Jean-Sébastien Couture has performed main roles in dance works by Françoise Vaussenat, Brian McDonald, Thierry Malandin, Marie-Christine Dabadi, Christophe Garcia, Hélène Blackburn, Ginette Laurin, Carlos Ovarez, Jean-Louis Morin and Louis-Martin Charest. He has also danced in The Nutcracker (Fernand Nault) and The Queen of Spades (Kim Brandstrup).
He has also appeared in works by Denise Biggi, Jane Mappin, Roger Sinha and Frédéric Tavernini, Shawn Hounsell, Wen Wei Wang, Joe Laughlin, Crystal Pite, Jiří Kylián, Mats Ek, Ohad Naharin, George Balanchine, Stijn Celis, Didy Veldman, Helgi Tomasson and Jean-Christophe Maillot.

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