Giraud Jean-Philippe


Contemporary dance / Dancer

A native of Lyon, France, Jean-Philippe Giraud was introduced to the circus, solfège and the drums at the age of 8. At 17, he began a two-year training period in classical dance, theatre and mime. On completing his training, he was accepted into Arc en Cirque, a professional circus school in Chambéry renowned for its aerialist program. There, he perfected his technical and artistic skills in balance, aerial silk, theatre and dance.

During this period, he took part in professional internships with renowned companies such as Royal de Luxe, Cirque Eloïze and the Ballet de Biarritz. At age 20, he joined the Jeune Ballet du Québec, which gave him an opportunity to work with choreographers from all over the world, including Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Gaël Domenger and Shawn Hounsell, and to tour Canada, Mexico, France and Spain.

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