Massot Jean-Lucien


Classical Ballet / Soloist

Born: 1972, Orange, France

Jean-Lucien Massot was admitted to the Conservatoire in Avignon in 1982, he became an apprentice at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin in 1989, corps dancer in 1990, soloist in 1992 and principal dancer with the Royal Ballet in 1994.

Principal lead roles at the Royal Ballet
Prins Siegfred to Svanesøen , Basil to Don Quixote , Albrecht to Giselle , Prins I Désiré Tornerose , titelrollen to Onegin , Gennaro to a Golfo Napoli , I Balletmesteren Konservatoriet , Senor to La Ventana , Lescault to Manon , Prinsen I Nøddeknækkeren , Le Corsaire , Demetrius i En Skærsommernatsdrøm, I soloherre etudes a Schumann 2. Symfoni, In the Middle, somewhat elevated , Stepping Stones , Fearful symmetries , Symfoni to C , Jazz , Return to a Strange Land , Mercutio to Romeo a Julie, I Matros Fancy Free, Mahler 5th Symphony, The Cage, In The Night, West Side Story, Violin concerto, Piano concerto, Serenade, Symphony in C, suites en Blanc, Petite Mort, Sechs Tanze, Zakouski, Jazz, Unsung a Les Bras de Mer.

Important roles at Deutsche Oper
The Chief i Bejants the Ride of Spring , Firebird Sigmund og i Rhinguldet , titelpartiet i Apollon , Who Cares , Symfoni ic , Balanchines Piano Concerto , Violin concerto og Serenade . Prins Samt i Peter Schaufuss\' Svanesøen, Nøddeknækkeren, Tornerose og Giselle.

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