Lam Jason


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Jason is a diverse young artist: as a performer he received a “Foot in the Door” grant from the Australian Council, and was a finalist in the British Councils “Realise your Dream Scholarship. He has performed with Sydney Dance Company, Tasdance, Opera Australia, One Extra and Bondi Ballet as well as worked with choreographers such as Jason Pitt, Fiona Maloney, Graeme Murphy, Shaun Parker, Byron Perry, Tanja Liedtke and Sue Healey. He is also a visual artist and filmmaker and has collaborated with Sydney Dance Company, creating visuals for ‘Some Rooms’and ‘Emotor’ in the random play season. He has also created visuals for artists and companies such as Bayerisches Staatsballet, Munich, Sydney Theatre Company, Dance North, Fiona Malone, Sue Healey/Tasdance and Jason Pitt.He is a graduate from the College of Fine Arts, UNSW and his poetic dance film ‘Unfed’ has been screened in festivals and galleries nationally and internationally

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  • Melbourne Ballet Company