Hodes January

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Contemporary dance / Dancer

January Hodes was born in Havirov (Czech Republic) and was trained at the Dance Conservatory in Brno. In 2000 he joined an engagement at the National Theatre in Brno and will begin a year later, a parallel degree in dance education at the Janacek Academy of Music and Art. In 2004 he went to Prague on the famous Magic Lantern Theater in 2005 and worked as a guest dancer at the JK Tyl Theatre in Pilsen. After 2006 he again returned as a guest at the National Theatre in Brno, he comes in 2007 in Görlitz, to work together with Gundula Peuthert. Since then he served in various operas, operettas and dance theater pieces to see, including STUMBLE, DO NOT CRASHING, WE CASSANDRA, NATURAL SELECTION, and in the role of the cock in CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS and the tango duet with Sebastian Fiedor in DANCERS FOR DANCERS Series II

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