Straughan Jacqueline


Classical Ballet / First Soloist

Born: Carson City, Nevada.

Joined in 2006. Promoted to Demi-Soloist in 2008.

Jacqueline Straughan trained at the National Ballet School in Toronto, Canada. In 2000, she joined the National Ballet of Canada as a second year apprentice, performing with the company until 2004. Jacqueline traveled extensively while exploring alternate dance forms before briefly joining South African Ballet Theatre.

Highlights of Jacqueline’s repertoire at Ballet West include “That’s Life” from Twyla Tharp’s Nine Sinatra Songs, Arabian Pas de Deux from Willam Christensen’s The Nutcracker, and Ulysses Dove’s Red Angels, which she performed during Ballet West’s 2009-10 season, as well as for CaDance’s “Laguna Dance Festival” in Laguna Beach, California that same year.

In 2000, Jacqueline received the Christopher Ondaatje Ballet Prize, given to dance students with outstanding achievement. That same year, she was also presented with a Peter Dwyer Scholarship in recognition for the most promising dance student.

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