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Classical Ballet / Dancer

Jacob Louis Hoover was born and raised in the Boston area. He credits his dance training to Jimmy Rearden at Boston Dance Company, Carter Alexander at the Miami City Ballet School, and the Walnut Hill Extension Program.

He is currently attending Harvard University Extension School working towards a Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Mathematics. Jacob plays violin and has fiddled for dance performances at Walnut Hill and the Performing Arts School of Worcester.

Prior to joining José Mateo Ballet Theatre in 2008, Jacob danced with the Boston Dance Company and performed in Tony Williams’ The Urban Nutcracker.

Since the company, Jacob has held several featured roles including the repertory works Covens, Sirens, Schubert Adagio, Timeless Attractions and danced the roles of Harlequin, Russian and Cavalier in The Nutcracker.

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