Markman Hillel


Classical Ballet / Artistic Director

Hillel Markman was born in Haifa also to parents originally from Russia. Markman, a talented sportsman, discovered his love of classical ballet while doing his national service in the navy and started studying the art during that time and continued later while studying at the Israel Institute of Technology. Markman’s father was not so happy with his son’s love of dancing and rather, hoped he would complete his studies and become an engineer.

Yampolsky and Markman met in the ballet studio and three years later after getting married in a modest ceremony they left for England. In England they studied ballet for three years; Yampolsky at The Royal Ballet School and Markman at The Rambert School. During this period they also took ballet classes with famous teachers such as Kathleen Crofton, Cleo Nordi and Tania Tamarova former outstanding dancers in The Anna Pavlova Company and in The Ballet Russe De Monte Carlo.

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