Hennig Heike

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Classical Ballet / Artistic Director

Heike Hennig was born in 1966 in Leipzig, where she learned her first dance steps. In 1989 she traveled illegally from the former GDR. Then Heike Hennig studied Performing Arts at Moving On Center - School for Participatory Arts and Research, Oakland, CA, USA. In 1998 she returned to Leipzig.
Heike Hennig studied dance in the U.S. in 2000 and formed her own ensemble that consist of not only for dancers but of about 50 artists from all genres. With them she has created 15 independent cross-over pieces so far. She also works as choreographer for opera productions. Her production \"Dancing with the times\" (Dance with Time, 2007) was filmed for cinema and TV. As of 2008 she is being counted among the most important representatives of 50 dance in Germany.

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