Nara Haruka


Classical Ballet / Soloist

Born in Saitama Prefecture. Started ballet at age 4, 2001, after he joined the Tokyo Ballet, Tokyo Ballet School. It has the charm of the polar atmosphere of old-fashioned good looks sharp and contemporary, are expected in the future.

2001 \\\\\\\"Giselle\\\\\\\" make a debut at. In 2002, a joint team and in the Bejart Ballet Gala \\\\\\\"Parisienne Goethe,\\\\\\\" etc. appeared. Vassiliev version \\\\\\\"Don Quixote\\\\\\\" in eight women danced. 2003, \\\\\\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\\\\\" Friends of Aurora in \\\\\\\"The Nutcracker\\\\\\\" is chosen to soloist in Waltz of the Flowers. 2004 \\\\\\\"Swan Lake\\\\\\\" in the first act solo, three swans, mazurka danced soloist. In addition, Béjart choreographed \\\\\\\"Miraculous\\\\\\\" China\\\\\\\'s premiere performers are chosen. 40th Anniversary Gala \\\\\\\"Les Sylphides\\\\\\\" to coryphee, and \\\\\\\"Don Quixote\\\\\\\" three Dryades in dance fandango. \\\\\\\"Giselle,\\\\\\\" danced in Padoshisu. In 2005 \\\\\\\"La Sylphide\\\\\\\" in three Sylphide \\\\\\\"La Sylphide,\\\\\\\" \\\\\\\"Carmen\\\\\\\" soloists, \\\\\\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\\\\\" Carabosse\\\\\\\'s first dance. 2006, 22 in the next concert tour, \\\\\\\"The Phoenix\\\\\\\" partisan, \\\\\\\"Swan Lake\\\\\\\" danced for the first time in Spain. The \\\\\\\"Daughter of the Danube,\\\\\\\" the four friends in Tokyo Ballet Premiere, Béjart choreographed \\\\\\\"The Nutcracker\\\\\\\" danced for the first time in a fairy. 2007, \\\\\\\"Don Quixote\\\\\\\" Mercedes, a young gypsy girl, \\\\\\\"Giselle\\\\\\\" Duuiri, \\\\\\\"Les Sylphides\\\\\\\" Mazurka, \\\\\\\"Ballet Imperial\\\\\\\" soloist, \\\\\\\"Carmen\\\\\\\" Fate (cow), \\\\\\\"Stepping Stones\\\\\\\" to danced for the first time. 2008, \\\\\\\"Don Quixote\\\\\\\" Queen of Dryades, Béjart choreographed \\\\\\\"The Nutcracker\\\\\\\" danced the first waltz of the flowers. 2009, edition Marahofu \\\\\\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\\\\\" fairy Bioranto, diamonds, \\\\\\\"Greek Dance\\\\\\\" danced Hasapiko. Makarova version \\\\\\\"Rabayaderu\\\\\\\" Gamuzatti Tokyo Ballet premiere, two other variations of the kingdom of shadows danced \\\\\\\"The Nutcracker\\\\\\\" danced in Spain. 10 years \\\\\\\"Clear Chua,\\\\\\\" premiered in Tokyo Ballet, \\\\\\\"White Shadow\\\\\\\" appeared in the world premiere of \\\\\\\"Sylvia\\\\\\\" Diana ballet premiered in Tokyo, Sylvia dance with us, \\\\\\\"Onegin \\\\\\\"Cast in Tokyo Ballet premiere. In 24 of the next overseas tour, the Hamburg State Opera in \\\\\\\"Zakabuki\\\\\\\" Dance for the first time I face, followed by \\\\\\\"M\\\\\\\" also danced for the first time rose.

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