Grigorovich Yuri

Grigorovich Yuri

Classical Ballet / Choreographer

Was born in Leningrad. Graduated from the Leningrad choreographic school (class B. Shavrov and A. Pisarev) in 1946, and joined Kirov Ballet of the Leningrad state academic opera and ballet theatre of a name after S. Kirov (now Mariinsky theatre)

With 1961 on 1964 - choreographer at Kirov Ballet.
In 1964 become the choreographer of the Bolshoi Ballet, from 1988 to 1995 - artistic director and choreographer of the company.

In 1990-1994 he founded the new ballet company «Grigorovich-Ballet». From 1993 to 1995 worked with ballet company of the Bashkir state opera and ballet theatre.
In 1996 became the actual founder a ballet in Krasnodar (now ballet troupe of the Krasnodar Musical theatre "Premiere").

Between 1974 and 1988 - the Ph. of the Leningrad state conservatory name after N. Rimsky-Korsakov. Since 1988 manages choreography chair in the Moscow state ballet academy.
From 1975 to 1985 was the president of the International Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute under UNESCO patronage (now hi's the honourable president).
Since 1989 - the president of Association (now the International Union) of choreographies. The International Union of figures of choreographies annually awards «Benоis de la danse» for outstanding achievements in ballet art. Since 1992 Juri Grigorovich is president of the «Benоis de la danse» (the program under UNESCO patronage). In 1990 became the president of «Russian Ballet» fund.

Chairman of jury of the International ballett competition in Moscow, International competition named after S. Lifar in Kiev and the International competition of youth classical dance "Fuete Arteka", and headed jury of competitions in Bulgaria, Finland, the USA, Switzerland, Japan, etc.

The Member of the Viennese musical society and the Ukrainian Academy of dance.

For the Kirov (Mariinsky) Ballet:

  • «The Stone Flower» (music S. Prokoffiev) 1957
  • «A Legend of Love» (music А. Melikov) 1961

For the Bolshoi Ballet:

  • «The Stone Flower» new version (music S. Prokoffiev) 1959
  • «A Legend of Love» new version (music А. Melikov) 1965
  • «The Sleeping Beauty» (music P. Tchaikovsky) 1963, 1973
  • «The Nutcracker» (music P. Tchaikovsky) 1966
  • «Spartacus» (music A. Khachaturyan) 1968
  • «Swan Lake» (music P. Tchaikovsky) 1969, 2001
  • «Ivan the Terrible» (music S. Prokoffiev) 1975
  • «Angara» (music А. Shpal) 1976
  • «Romeo and Juliet» (music S. Prokoffiev) 1979 (World premiere: National Opera, Paris 1978)
  • «Golden Age» (music D. Shostakovich) 1982
  • «Raymonda» (music A. Glazunov) 1984, 2003
  • «Giselle» (music A. Adan) 1987
  • «La Bayadere» (music L. Minkus) 1991
  • «Le Corsaire» (music A. Adan) 1994
  • «Don Quixote» (music L. Minkus) 1994

Dances in operas:

  • «Oktober» (music V. Muradeli) 1964
  • «Ruslan and Ludmila» (music M. Glinka) 1972

Restaged ballets:

For the Theatrical Union «Premiere» (Krasnoyarsk Musical Theatre):

  • «Golden Age» suite (music D. Shostakovich) 1996
  • «Giselle» (music A. Adan) 1996
  • «Swan Lake» (music P. Tchaikovsky) 1997
  • «Don Quixote» (music L. Minkus) 1997
  • «The Nutcracker» (music P. Tchaikovsky) 1997
  • «Raymonda» (music A. Glazunov) 1998
  • «Spartacus» (music A. Khachaturyan) 2000 г.
  • «Romeo and Juliet» (music S. Prokoffiev) 2000 г.
  • «Swan Lake» (music P. Tchaikovsky) 2000 г.
  • «La Fille mal Gardee» (music L. Herold) 2002
  • «La Bayadere» (music L. Minkus) 2003 г.

For the Novosibirsk Ballet:

  • «The Stone Flower» new version (music S. Prokoffiev) 1959
  • «A Legend of Love» (music А. Melikov) 1961
  • «Swan Lake» (music P. Tchaikovsky) 1962
  • «Spartacus» (music A. Khachaturyan) 1977

For the Bashkortostan State Opera & Ballet Theatre:

  • «La Fille mal Gardee» (music L. Herold) 1993
  • «The Nutcracker» (music P. Tchaikovsky) 1995
  • «Don Quixote» (music L. Minkus) 1995
  • «Swan Lake» (music P. Tchaikovsky) 1995

For the Kremlin Ballet:

  • «Romeo and Juliet» (music S. Prokoffiev) 1999
  • «Ivan the Terrible» (music S. Prokoffiev) 2001

For the National theatre (Prague):

  • «A Legend of Love» (music А. Melikov) 1963
  • «The Nutcracker» (music P. Tchaikovsky) 1999
  • «Raymonda» (music A. Glazunov) 2001

For the National Opera (Sofia):

  • «The Stone Flower» new version (music S. Prokoffiev) 1965
  • «The Nutcracker» (music P. Tchaikovsky) 1990
  • «Giselle» (music A. Adan) 1992 г.

For other companies:

  • «The Stone Flower» (music S. Prokoffiev) Theatre Vanemuine in Estonia 1961
  • «The Stone Flower» (music S. Prokoffiev) Royal Swedish Ballet 1961
  • «A Legend of Love» (music А. Melikov) Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre (Baku) 1962
  • «The Nutcracker» (music P. Tchaikovsky) Vienne National Opera 1973
  • «Ivan the Terrible» (music S. Prokoffiev) Paris National Opera 1976
  • «Giselle» (music A. Adan) State opera and ballet theatre (Ankara) 1980
  • «Swan Lake» (music P. Tchaikovsky) Rome Opera 1980
  • «Don Quixote» (music L. Minkus) Royal Danish Ballet 1983
  • «The Nutcracker» (music P. Tchaikovsky) National Ballet of Finland 1985
  • «Raymonda» (music A. Glazunov) La Scala Milan 1989
  • «Raymonda» (music A. Glazunov) Mariinsky theatre 1994
  • «The Sleeping Beauty» (music P. Tchaikovsky) Teatro Carlo Felice (Genova) 1996
  • «The Sleeping Beauty» (music P. Tchaikovsky) Bolshoi theatre (Warsaw) 1997
  • «Raymonda» (music A. Glazunov) National Academic Bolshoi theatre (Minsk) 1997
  • «A Legend of Love» (music А. Melikov) Ekaterinburg opera and ballet theatre 1997
  • «A Legend of Love» (music А. Melikov) State opera and ballet theatre (Istanbul) 2000
  • «Spartacus» (music A. Khachaturyan) National Ballet (Seul) 2001
  • National Artist of USSR 1973
  • Lauriate of the prize named after S. Diaghilev from Dance Academy (Paris) 1969
  • Lauriate of the Lenin's State prize (for his «Spartacus» ballet) 1970
  • Lauriate of the Honored prize from Dance Academy (Paris) 1972
  • Lauriate of the Lenin's Award 1976
  • Lauriate of the USSR State Prize (for his «Angara» ballet) 1977
  • Lauriate of the Oktober's Revolution Award 1981
  • Lauriate of the USSR State Prize (for sports programms) 1985
  • Lauriate of the Honored title «Hero of Socialist Works» 1986
  • Awarded with Order of Merit for the Fatherland 2004

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  • Bolshoi Ballet
  • Grigorovich Ballet Company


  • La Bayadere
    by M. Petipa 1877
  • Giselle
    by M. Petipa, J. Perrot, J. Coralli
  • The Golden Age
    by Y. Grigorovich 1982
  • Raymonda
    by Y. Grigorovich 1984
  • Swan Lake
    by Y. Grigorovich 1969
  • Spartacus
    by Y. Grigorovich 1968
  • The Sleeping Beauty
    by M. Petipa 1890
  • A Legend of Love
    By Y. Grigorovich 1961
  • The Nutcracker
    by Y. Grigorovich 1966
  • Ivan the Terrible
    by Y. Grigorovich 1975
  • Le Corsaire
    by Y. Grigorovich, K. Sergeev 1994
  • Romeo and Juliet
    by Y. Grigorovich 1978
  • The Stone Flower
    by Y. Grigorovich 1957
  • La Fille mal Gardee
    by J. Dauberval 1789