Bashour Gina


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Gina Bashour is originally from MA. Gina has performed internationally with Pavel Zustiak\'s Palissimo Dance Theatre, for which she is the rehearsal director and a founding member. She has been working with Ashleigh Leite since 2005 and is currently creating a role in a production of Dido and Aeneas directed by Jody Oberfelder. Gina has performed and collaborated with Alberto Denis, twirled around with Melissa Rikers\' Kinesis Project, flown in the air with Julie Ludwick\'s Fly By Night Trapeze, danced as a principle in the Off-Broadway production Thin Line directed by Derek Mitchell, and danced with Skip Costa\'s COREmovement Project, among others. She is a freelance choreographer and also co-creator of the children\'s theater company interCATaction. Gina is thrilled to be starting her first season with Alethea Adsitt & Co .

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