Martorella Gianluca


Contemporary dance / Dancer

Gianluca Martorella comes from Treviso in Italy, received his ballet training at the Teatro Nuovo di Torino and studied in parallel at the Academy of Fine Arts in costume and set design. According to his statements, he went into engagements as a ballet dancer at the Teatro Nuovo di Torino Danza to Prospect under the direction of Vittorio Biagi in Rome and the Balletto di Milano. He also served as guest soloist obliged with various companies including the Aterballetto, the Balletto di Toscana, the Balletto di Sicilia, at the Teatro Nuovo di Bolzano, Egri Bianco Torino Danza and the Compagnie Sinopia Tues Etienne Frey in Geneva. Most recently, he danced at the Ballet of the State Theatre Braunschweig including Swan Lake, Nutcracker and MOZART. Gianluca Martorella since the 2007/08 season, a member of the newly established ensemble of dance theater in Munich.

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