Quarta Giacomo

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Contemporary dance / Dancer

Age 'of 9 years he began studying ballet at Lecce (Chico' s hometown). In 1997 he moved to Parma, where he began studying at the Modern Jazz Dance Studio
with the teacher-choreographer Manuela Sirocchi.Sempre Parma ballet barre and on the ground (kniasef method)
with the teacher Milva Marelli (already 'assistant of René Lejeune)
-Modern-contemporary at IALS in Rome with Mauro Astolfi and Sasha Ramos and always modern masters Bruno Agati, Bruno and Anne Marie Porras Collinet. Since 2004, the company collaborates with Double Movement Valentina Benedetti
-Spot Dancer for the 2008 Vodafone
is currently a member of the cast of teachers and Entertainment Centre Intermnazionale Dance "Opus Ballet"

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