Gutarra Gabriela


Classical Ballet / Choreographer

Gabriela has been studying classical Spanish dance, folklore and flamenco in Seville and Madrid from teachers; Milagros Menjibar, Manolo Marín, Juana Amaya, José Galván, Merce Esmeralda, Carmen Cortez, Paco Romero, Pedro Azorín, Mary Magdalene, etc. Since 1991 Gabriela permanently residing in Stockholm and during all these years, she has set a 16-century productions with which she has toured throughout Scandinavia and Germany. She has also been invited to perform and teach the dance classes in several countries such as Argentina, Cuba and Costa Rica.
Gabriela has also worked as a \"flamenco consultant\" for several dance schools.
She has created a teaching method for students who want to learn to dance flamenco, but that has not had the opportunity to start as a child. She recognizes the problem that students often are not prepared physically, mentally and rhythmically to dancing at Flamenco. Gabriela has specialized in helping these students with a technology training so that they can proceed with the choreography, sets more easily.

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