Gaudette Frederick


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Frederick began his life as a dancer and artist near his hometown of Salisbury, MA with his first tap class where as he puts it, \"They gave me shiny patent leather tap shoes, and for one hour a week let me run around and make as much noise as I could, and I was hooked!\"

Frederick then went on to earn his BFA in Dance Performance from Stephens College in Columbia, MO before moving to Seattle to begin his professional career with Spectrum Dance Theater. In his second year with SDT he worked with Donald Byrd and found a new love and understanding of dance, the discipline, intelligence, and energy behind the work itself. Following two years at SDT, he served on the teaching faculty of the Washington Academy of the Performing Arts where he found his love and gift for being \"in the front of the studio.\" From Seattle, he moved to San Francisco to experience the dance and artistic community in the Bay Area.

Locally, Frederick has worked with Ronn Guidi (Oakland Ballet) and of course, Ballet Petit. He strives to make dance available to all those who have a desire to experience, understand, learn, and enjoy the kinetic art that is dance.

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