Kierc Franciszka


Classical Ballet / Dancer

She started her dance education with rhythmic gymnastics classes. She was a student of the Poznań Ballet High School and the Ballet School at the Capitol in Wrocław led by Alla and Givi Abesadze. In 2009 she received the Dance Diploma from the Polish Artists’ Association (ZASP). She took part in and received awards at numerous international dance competitions, e.g. Tanzolymp in Berlin, Jugend Tanzt in Freiburg (finalist), Dance World Cup. She has danced in classical production, like e.g. The Swan Lake – coproduced by The Wrocław Opera and the Moscow City Ballet and choreographed by Victor Smirnov-Golovanovandi and Ewa Wycichowska, as well as in modern productions, e.g. Eurasia directed and choreographed by Izadora Weiss or Swing! directed and choreographed by Jarosław Stańko.

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