Pinto Filomena


Classical Ballet / Principal

Date and Place of Birth:
Born in Lisbon. Training in Dance: His dance training was held at the Training Centre of the National Ballet.
Main Teachers:
During their training as teachers had Armando Jorge, Quenolle Violette, Barbara Gray , Luisa Maria Carles, Maria Palmerin, John Miranda, Vladimir Petrunin, Eric and Maya Volodin, Georges Garcia, Patricia Neary, among others. Prior Work Experience: Filomena Pinto directly integrated National Ballet Company after completion of their training in dance. Date on NBC: In 1986, when admitted as an intern at the National Ballet. Repertoire danced on NBC: In this company, danced around almost since the repertoire presented. Promoted to principal dancer in 1995, has been noted in the interpretation of The Nutcracker (the Sugar Plum Fairy), Coppélia (Swanilda), Les Sylphides (Prelude and pas-de-deux), among many other interventions in the soil repertoire of CNB.

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