Gisladottir Emilia Benedikta


Contemporary dance / Dancer

Dancer with Iceland Dance Company since 2005 (an apprentice from 2004)

Nationality: Icelandic

Education: Ballet school of Sigríður Ármann. National Ballet School of Iceland 1994-2003. Royal Ballet School of Stockholm 2003-2004.

Experience: Emilia started as an apprentice with the company in the fall of 2004, but is now a member of the company. During her time with the Iceland Dance Company Emilia has worked with choreographers like Rui Horta, Didy Veldman, Jo Strömgren and Alexander Ekman. Emilía won the Gríman Awards in 2008 for Best Dancer for her part in Kvart by Jo Strömgren presented by the Iceland Dance Company.

Emilía is a Gemini and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her little baby.

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