Madeira Elsa


Classical Ballet / Corps de ballet

Training in Dance:
She began her dance studies in the courses Introduction to Ballet Gulbenkian Foundation. In 1976, he continued his training at the School of Dance Conservatory, where he completed the Special Course in 1979. Teachers attended a course with Valentina Rumiantsev, according to online teaching of Agrippina Vaganova.

Primary Teachers:
Teachers Wanda Ribeiro da Silva, Jorge Armando Casenave and Roland at the Gulbenkian Foundation. Anna Mascolo at the School of Dance Conservatory. Important for its formation was also the dancer work with the Masters Ruben Echeverria, Tony Hulbert, Terry Westmoreland, Georges Garcia, Michel Renault, Quenolle Violette, Eric Volodin, Vladimir Petrunin and choreographers as Jorge Armando, Carlos Trenches, Olga Roriz, Heinz Spoerli Vincent and Nebraska

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