Czajkowska-Kłos Elżbieta


Classical Ballet / Dancer

A graduate of the Gdańsk Ballet High School. After graduation she received a scholarship to improve her dance skills at Jean Charles Gil’s Ballet des Jeunes d'Europe in France. Since the year 2000 she has been working at the Baltic Opera, at the beginning as a coryphaeus. As of 2008 she has been a soloist dancer of the Baltic Dance Theatre.

On the Baltic Opera stage she has danced as The widow and She in Izadora Weiss’s …from heaven to the music of Michał Lorenc, Bathilde in Adam’s Giselle, choreographed by Roman Komassa, as well as Sławomir Gidel’s Edith as Romantic Edith, Death in the ballet show Fantazja polska (Polish fantasy), the Mole in Profokiev’s Peter and the Wolf as well as Krówka Agentka in Abecadło. Currently we can admire her in the leading roles in the following spectacles: 4&4, Eurasia, The Nutcracker, Men’s dance and Dream.

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