Lock Edouard

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Contemporary dance / Artistic Director

Édouard Lock (born March 3, 1954) is a Canadian dance choreographer and the founder of the Canadian dance group, La La La Human Steps.
In 1957 Édouard Lock\'s parents moved to Montreal, where he studied film and literature at Concordia University. He began his choreographic career at the age of 20, creating works from 1974 to 1979 for a variety of Canadian dance companies and institutions. He formed La La La Human Steps in 1980 and began choreographing full-length works whose boldly challenging style soon attracted international attention. Since 1985, each work for La La La has toured internationally for up to two years, spreading its influence to artists and audiences everywhere.
He founded Lock Danseurs, the precursor of La La La Human Steps, in 1980

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