Ernesto Edivaldo


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Edivaldo Ernesto was born in Maputo (Mozambique) in 1987. He begins to dance in 1998 with the Tsemba dance group, where he learns Mozambican traditional dance for 4 years. In 2001, he is invited to be a member of Ussoforal, a western African traditional dance group. Later that year, he leaves Ussoforal and starts his training at the National Song and Dance Company of Mozambique (CNCD), where he learns classic dance. In 2003, he starts dancing with another company- esculturas Humanas. That same year, he is accepted for the 1st phase of a choreographic development project, a six months training program organized by CulturArte (Maputo- Mozambique) and Dancas na Cidade (Lisbon – Portugal).

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