Tomoko Dry


Classical Ballet / Soloist

Born in Yokohama. Start ballet at age 5. Vaganova Ballet School Student June 2000 until September 1998. Dancing ballerina striking tall utilizing fresh and bright. In 2001, he joined the Tokyo Ballet.

2001 \\\"Swan Lake\\\" make a debut with. Gala concert at the Bejart Ballet Béjart 2002 Japanese team \\\"Goethe Parisienne\\\" Burasuka choreography and ballet premiered in Tokyo \\\"tom tom\\\" etc., greatly stimulated to participate in contemporary works. In addition, the Chinese performance \\\"Giselle,\\\" the Padoshisu in \\\"Swan Lake\\\" three swans, the prospective bride dance. of \\\"Les Sylphides,\\\" \\\"Swan Lake\\\", of \\\"Don Quixote\\\" excerpt appeared. Vassiliev version \\\"Don Quixote\\\" in three Dryades, fandango dancing. 2003 \\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\" Friends of the Aurora does, the soloist of the Mazurka, \\\"The Nutcracker\\\" Waltz of the Flowers in dance soloist. 2004 \\\"The Nutcracker\\\" and Fritz danced in Spain. 2005 \\\"La Sylphide\\\" three Sylphide, \\\"A Midsummer Night\\\'s Dream\\\" made a spider, \\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\" Spirit of Diamond, \\\"Theme and Variations\\\" soloist \\\"Symphony in D\\\" danced . In 2006, edition Marahofu \\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\" fairy in the coolant, \\\"Giselle\\\" Duuiri \\\"Greek Dance\\\" Dancing Padosetto. 2007, \\\"Don Quixote\\\" Friends of Kitri, \\\"Les Sylphides\\\" coryphee danced for the first time. 2008, \\\"Phoenix\\\" partisan, \\\"Giselle\\\" danced Padoyuitto. 2009, edition Marahofu \\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\" Diamond, Makarova version \\\"Rabayaderu\\\" premiere ballet dancing ladies in Tokyo, three variations of the dance and the Kingdom of Shadows. 10 years, \\\"Sylvia\\\" Sylvia with us at the Tokyo premiere ballet, \\\"Onegin\\\" appeared in the premiere of the other Tokyo Ballet, \\\"Rabayaderu\\\" danced a variation of 2 and the Kingdom of Shadows.

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