Bateman Douglas


Classical Ballet / Dancer

is a freelance dancer and choreographer. He has worked for various companies in Europe, such as the London City Ballet, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and Pretty Ugly Cologne, as well as professionals with Tony Rizzi, Frankfurt, Stephanie Thiersch in Cologne, Stefan Dreyer in Munich. He was part of the Cocoon dance (Bonn), an educational project for school children in the Bonn area, and was invited to dance academies Rotterdam and Cologne to create pieces. He is also one of the seven founding members of Ttagttamogki, a cultural exchange program in South Korea, In-Young Jung is organized. His first creation was the second SolÓcircles Prize in the International Choreographers Competition in Hannover won and was then listed in the annual program of Twools Scapino. In collaboration with the dance studio in "One Night's Dance", he created "Wonderland," a dance theater piece for the actress Sabina Perry, which was performed in traditional theater spaces (Amsterdam, Toronto, Cologne, Dusseldorf). Furthermore, there were invitations that special piece for venues to adapt (Urban Explorer Festival, Dordrecht / Picnic Festival Amsterdam). He was recently invited to participate in "Odd Women," a two-week research project on the production of "The Really Real Show" in Dan's studio. In early 2009 he founded together with the dancer and choreographer Michael Maurissen the artist collective michael douglas.

Tanzhaus interim:

was one week,
from a professional organization - Training

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