Chin Doug


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Born along the mountains of southern China, Doug was given a choice of two disciplines to develop: Qing or Qiao. Doug chose to learn Qiao, to raise one\'s foot. Had he followed the path of Qing (to raise one\'s hand), he might have gotten around to writing his own bio.

So he made his way on foot across China until he finally found himself on California soil. Here he further developed his skills by learning how to clog. His family was angry because they believed he was turning against his culture, but he assured them that there is greater wisdom in being a man of the world.

He joined Barbary Coast in the late 90s to help guide the cloggers of the next century. One of his great accomplishments was the development of the \"Doug Strum\", a movement that continues to baffle clogging scholars all over the nation.

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