Loosmore Diana

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Classical Ballet / Soloist

Diana trained at the Queensland University of Technology and toured throughout Australia.

In London, she performed for Jeremy James and Company, Red Rain Dance Theatre, Paul Douglas’ Small Bones Dance Company, Mark Bruce Company, Rafeal Bonachela and Richard Alston Dance Company, appearing in his BBC Masterworks The Rite of Spring. She has appeared alongside Snag Project choreographers Joanne Fong and Sarah Warsop at the Royal Opera House and Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Diana danced with Siobhan Davies Dance Company on the 2003 Bank Project and since joining Scottish Ballet as a soloist in Spring 2003 has danced in Page’s Acrid Avid Jam, The Nutcracker (The Governess/Dame Mouserink), 32 Cryptograms, Nightswimming into day, Room Of Cooks, Refurbished Behaviour, The Pump Room and Cinderella (Stepsister/Stepmother), Alston’s Dangerous Liaisons (which she also performed as part of the Dance Umbrella Gala), Petronio’s MiddleSexGorge and Ride The Beast, Davies’ White Man Sleeps, Forsythe’s Artifact Suite (Mudwoman) and Workwithinwork, Spink's Petrushka, Ashton’s Façade, Brown’s For M.G.: The Movie and Pastor's In Light and Shadow.

Diana received a Herald Angel Award for excellence in her performance of Page works during Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2005, and Diana’s first choreographic work, Sirocco, premiered in Autumn 2006. Diana was also awarded the 2007 Peter Darrell Choreographic Award, and her second choreographic work, Chasing Ghosts, was performed at the Peter Darrell Gala in March 2007, and as part of Scottish Ballet’s Autumn Season 2007. Diana also choreographed Lull on Scottish Ballet dancers, a piece that was commissioned especially for Summer Season 2008.

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