Kanev Denislav

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Contemporary dance / Dancer

Denislav Kanev was born in Bulgaria, where he began his training. After his stay at the ballet school, he arrived at the Sofia Ballet School of Berlin, and later studied dance at the School \"Ernst Busch\" in Berlin. During his time in Berlin Denislav Kanev also had the opportunity to gain practical experience. He danced in Dessau under Gregor Seyffert in \"The Little Prince\", in \"Tango Palace\", \"80 Days Around the World\" and \"Marquis de Sade\" in Magdeburg headed by Gonzalo Galguera in \"Giselle\" and \"Cinderella\".
Denislav Kanev is since 2009 member of the Ballet Company of the Theater Chemnitz and danced in the productions of both Lode Devos and choreography in the \"Lacrimosa\" by Annabelle Lopez and \"Walking Mad\" by Johan Inger. Since the season 2011/2012 is a member of the ensemble Denislav Kanev ballettmainz.

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