Dinuzzi Dario

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Contemporary dance / Dancer

Dario was born in Barletta, Italy.

Before starting his career as a professional dancer, Before starting his career as a professional dancer, Dario performed as a juggler and flame-spitter in southern Italy.

As a member of Aterballetto he participated in the creations of many of Bigonzetti’s works (Romeo and Juliet, Incanto, Terra, etc.) and creations by Walter Matteini (Luce Bianca, Parole Sospese), as well as the company repertoire (Minus 7, Psappha, Rossini Cards, WAM, Cantata, Serenata, Les Noces, Omaggio a Bach, etc.). His work as a choreographer was presented in Serata Carta Bianca from Aterballetto and as a part of Otello, by Walter Matteini.

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